Faculty of Communication aims to train the future communicators:
- who can reveal their individual talent,
- who can easily interpret social facts with their cultural background,
- who are sensitive and respectful to social and human rights,
- who have broad vision and intention to catch up with global improvements and technical knowledge.

By the end of their training in their specific fields (Journalism, Public Relations and Publicity and Radio TV and Cinema), our students will be ready for the professional life as experts, having a good command of general knowledge in the contemporary world issues.

Courses are taught in Turkish. There is, also, a preparation class for English offered in the first year of education, and there are optional foreign language courses during the second and third years.

Faculty of Communication has three departments recently: Department of Journalism, Department of Public Relations and Publicity, and Department of Radio Television and Cinema. By the beginning of 2005-2006 Academic year, there will be three more departments: Department of Media Management and Economy; Department of Advertising, and Department of Visual Communication Design.

The sub-structural opportunities of our faculty are immense: there is a production and post-production studio; an editing unit, which has both analogue and digital systems; a radio studio; a desktop publishing lab; a news agency; a periodical newspaper unit; an advertising workshop unit; a public relations unit; a photograph lab; and a computer lab for all our students to gain some professional experience in the field.

There are approximately 600 students in our faculty. There are 26 instructors, 14 research assistants and there are also part-time instructors and communications professionals who are experienced in their fields with an educational background.



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